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mission de management de transition : Anticipate failures in several countries of automotive equipment supplier

Adam, Andras, Stefan et Constanta

Adam, Andras, Stefan et Constanta

Originally from Poland, Romania and Slovenia, Adam, Andras, Stefan and Constanta have all worked for French or German car manufacturers or automotive suppliers. All of them have been trained in industrial excellence tools (lean, 5S, etc.) and all of them have contributed to improvement or development projects of new industrialization processes.

The European industrial management of a very large global equipment manufacturer (several hundred sites worldwide) was experiencing recurring problems in several Eastern European countries: production, quality and logistics.

To compensate the possible failures, it asked Talents & Projets to prepare a matrix of people who could be mobilized in a few days for these three functions and in four countries.

Client issues

Participate in the resolution of industrial problems in the region

The industrial indicators of this zone show a deficit of nearly 8% in relation to the objectives

Provide a new HR forecasting management tool for 3 functions in 4 countries

A solution for anticipating risks rather than simply curative

Contribute to the return to performance of the sites

Helping the sites concerned by providing them with new specialized skills

Transition Manager

Middle management profiles, operational

Positioned as N-1 of industrial site managers

The focus is on local profiles (rather than expatriates)

to be able to interact with operators in their native language

Trained in the best practices of the automotive industry

who were able to work for reference competitors

Priority is given to mid-career profiles

to be able to join the group in the long term

Content of the mission

We are immediately launching this ambitious work to identify several possible profiles for each of the functions in the 4 countries concerned.

This is an atypical and considerable program since several dozen profiles are targeted to complete the "business/country" needs matrix.

Within 6 weeks, the objective of finding 2 to 3 profiles for each "job/country" pair was 85% fulfilled

In the following 6 months, this innovative tool was used to meet 4 needs in 3 different countries.