Are you looking for a seasoned manager to manage a project? Do have a problem in a key position and need a manager to take over? Transition management is the obvious solution. How does it work then?

When a need arises, our team mobilises highly experienced managers within our network at very short notice:

  • The first step consists in meeting with you to understand your needs.
  • Within a matter of days, we get back to you with an offer of 3 to 4 suitable profiles.
  • You decide which of these profiles you wish to meet.
  • As soon as your selection has been made, we draw up an extremely flexible service contract.
  • The mission can start immediately, the manager is ready to work at your side.

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We rely on our extensive and long- established network to step in every sector of activity: industry, process industry, technology, finance, services and retail

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Besides, our managers, leaders and experts bring their expertise from a wide variety of backgrounds: operations, human resources, finance, general management, project management and other key functions.

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What’s equally important is the nature of the project you wish to carry out: developing an activity, optimising a function, managing a programme or a project, replacing a key manager, finding solutions to a particular issue, transforming an activity or a function.

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Our team instantly draws on its knowledge and skills to bring an operational solution to your specific issues. Regardless of whether you are a large group or a medium-sized company, we pair urgency with excellence to serve your projects:

  • Over the last ten years, we have set up a network of over 4,800 managers, leaders and experts, we are extremely well equipped to cover all of your needs. We constantly assess new talents within our network to be ready on D day, when you need us. Find out more on our managers’ network
  • As soon as the need has been assessed, our whole team is mobilised to select the best suitable profiles in record time. Our senior advisors join forces to fully understand your specific issues, help assess the managers and ensure a proper follow up of the missions. Meet the Talents & Projets team
  • The procedure we follow enables us to get back to you in a matter of days with a list of highly qualified candidates and start the mission as soon as the contract has been signed. Find out more about our modus operandi

No heavy procedure, time-consuming and costly recruiting (be it with a short-term or permanent contract) with us, our approach is entirely flexible

  • No searching costs
  • The manager is on Talents & Projets’ payroll
  • No exit cost
  • The mission matches the real duration of the project

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We cover the whole of France as well as Europe and about any place in the world. 30% of our missions are carried out abroad. To name just a few: China, Mexico, Russia, USA. Our ability to act and investigate is facilitated by the digital tools that we use. Besides, 70% of our managers have experience abroad and we also have partners in quite a few countries.

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Our clients are large groups mostly in the industrial sector, but we are increasingly approached by medium-sized companies. The very high rate of satisfaction, their loyalty and our 20% annual growth rate speak volumes. Our clients trust us for our involvement and our commitment to the completion of their projects. They acknowledge our flexibility and responsiveness in situations of urgency. We leave no stone unturned to find solutions.

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