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mission de management de transition : Prepare the sale of a division of a chemical company

Philippe, Marie-Claude, Dominique

Philippe, Marie-Claude, Dominique

All of them are seasoned experts with careers focused on their expertise and oriented towards transformation/change management: - Philippe has worked for US groups in Oil & Gas and Biotechnologies, he has led IT & ERP transformation projects. His expertise in Agile approaches allowed him to act according to fast and customer oriented schemes. - Marie-Claude, a treasury specialist, has led a treasury transformation project for a leading American group, accompanying the group's restructuring. - Dominique, with a double experience in Finance and IT, has worked on many ERP projects but has especially led the optimization of the management control system in Northern Europe for the European leader in services to local authorities.

A leading chemical group (€5 billion) wanted to sell one of its three divisions (€1.5 billion in turnover) which was no longer competitive in commodity markets.

The group, built on a highly centralized model, must first carry out an extensive carve-out of this activity in order to make it autonomous. This concerns in particular the information systems and financial processes.

Client issues

To be able to sell one of the three divisions of the group with a revenue of €1.5 billion

and focus on other high value-added activities

Give autonomy to the division by respecting the planned schedule (closing)

in particular in the areas of IT and finance (treasury, management control)

Resolve the issues of team distribution and staffing, 2,400 employees

by maintaining a balanced distribution of skills between the group and the new entity

Transition Manager

A team has been set up

with a CIO, a treasury director and a management control director

The CIO is selected for his expertise in IT cost optimization

in competitive sectors better aligned with this commodity business

2 Finance profiles (treasury, management control) perfectly adapted to the context

from global industrial groups where they have set up processes and teams

Content of the mission

The group first asked us to work on a first emergency: the decoupling of IT, before also entrusting the financial levers of the carve out operation.

As soon as he arrived, our CIO was confronted with the problem of distributing existing skills. He set about decoupling IT, particularly in the area of operations (40 sites worldwide) and implementing agile and more competitive tools

Another priority, key to the upcoming sale, is to build an autonomous treasury and management control within the new entity. We are putting these functions in place within the timeframe constrained by the closing.