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mission de management de transition : Lead the industrialization of a major renewable energy project

Paul, Marc et Laurens

Paul, Marc et Laurens

Trained as engineers, all three have extensive experience in the railway sector, the automotive industry, and industrial equipment (for the nuclear and oil & gas industries, etc) : they have built up expertise in industrialization and management of large-scale projects in environments with strong technical and international constraints. All three have developed an expertise in Lean approaches.

Our client, the world leader in energy, win several majors contracts in the field of offshore wind energy. The production of the world’s most powerful wind turbines must be industrialized on the basis of existing prototypes.

A race against the clock is underway to meet all these major contracts while drastically reducing costs and manufacturing times.

Client issues

Optimal industrialization of equipment never produced before

these wind turbines, the most powerful in the world, are "monsters" of technology

Divide by 20 the costs and manufacturing time

move from prototype mode to optimized industrial production

Ensure the construction and ramp up of the industrial site in 24 months

mastering new techniques and technologies (size, precision, magnetic forces)

Transition Manager

A team of three experts is set up in a few days

project manager, industrialization and lean design

Selected for their experience in relevant technical fields

railway, energy, large electro-technical systems, automatism

Each has led numerous industrialization and site launch projects

more than a century of experience and technical expertise to the three of them!

Content of the mission

As soon as major contracts are announced to be won, the group asks us to put in place an adapted team in a matter of urgency.

The initial mission consists in studying, with the design offices, the possible options in terms of industrialization: fixed stations, circulation in dedicated stations, security constraints and technical constraints.

The client decides then, to entrust us with the realization of the industrial site: studies and installation of special means, reinforcement and development of the site, lifting and transport means, etc.

This long term mission, over nearly 4 years, ends with the commissioning and ramp up of the site.