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mission de management de transition : Deploy the new digital concept of a telecom operator’s stores



After a BTS in computer science, Constant joined the after-sales service of a US computer manufacturer (one of the most innovative) : he proved himself there by his ability to manage customer relations. The group trained him via an MBA in Marketing & Commerce. Throughout his career, he has worked on network organization projects in the B to C sector. He is recognized for his ability to lead teams with agility and pragmatism.

A leader in mobile telephony and the Internet wanted to reposition its network of stores (nearly 1,000) by digitizing the entire customer experience (information, subscription, payment, after-sales service) in the store.

This complete renovation requires a perfect and very tight planning in order not to penalize the commercial activity of the stores. The group asked Talents & Projets to manage the project.

Client issues

Reposition its network of boutiques through an innovative concept

Strengthen their competitive positioning and improve customer relations

Transform stores in record time

without loss of revenue and across the entire French network (nearly 1,000 stores)

Ensure the coherence and collaborative work of multidisciplinary teams

a multitude of specialized stakeholders (internal and external) to be coordinated

Transition Manager

For over 25 years, Constant has been a recognized expert in re-modelling projects

for very important national networks: McDonald's, Toys'R'Us, Société Générale, etc.

Exemplary ability to get internal and external teams to work together

of all trades and in record time so as not to penalize sales

Experience in all digital levers in B to C

customer information (POS advertising) 100% online subscriptions, collections, technical infrastructure of points of sale

Content of the mission

Given the complexity of the subject, the client selected me to "beef up" the project management and guarantee the deployment of this strategic project.

I set up the project governance system and established a demanding contractual management with the multiple service providers involved.

During the following months, I plan and coordinate deployment projects in all regions and ensure the effectiveness of the escalation mechanisms.

At the end of my mission, more than 500 stores were deployed in less than 10 months..