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mission de management de transition : Accompany with a team the transformation of a group

Fabienne, Anne-Françoise, Jean-Pierre et Beatrix

Fabienne, Anne-Françoise, Jean-Pierre et Beatrix

The four come from several different sectorial horizons but all had evolved in their area of expertise within huge corporations at the international level : Fabienne : Management Controlling Department EMEA / Community Services Anne-Françoise : Number two in communication in Oil & Gas and nuclear Jean-Pierre : trained at the CNAM, director of general services in many sectors. He is known for his ability to solve multiple problems in parallel Beatrix : Franco-German formation in real estate law. She notably managed, in the Europe Zone, the real estate of one of the leaders in parcel transport.

A large French group (€5 billion in sales revenue) in the logistics and transport sector, with 20,000 employees, is bringing in a whole team of managers in the context of a profound transformation (capitalistic, new organization, internationalization).


The group solicits Talents & Projets on several key functions of the plan: management control, communication and public relations, general services, real estate…

Client issues

Succeed with the group’s major transformation plan

Move from a captive activity to a worldwide leader

Position de group on new markets, + 50 countries

Accelerated transformation and internationalization on several key professions

Develop the brand on this new positioning

Communication strategy and international brand development

Transition Manager

A whole team, over time, takes over several key functions

Management control, communication and public relations, general services, real estate

The common point to the whole team : the transformation

All of the managers has the experience of the internationalization and the set-up of structuring projects.

But, of course, each of them are expert in their own profession

As for each of our missions

Content of the mission

The group solicits us according to the successive stages of the project, we respond within a few days on each of the functions.

Each manager integrates his department, we ensure the global coordination of the customer relationship.

Each one in his own field has allowed the group to structure itself and to become more professional in its new environment

Our client, very satisfied with the intervention, recruits in fine a part of the team