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mission de management de transition : Develop the activity of a leader in electronics



Pierre, graduated of the Ecole Normale Supérieure en Electrotechnique (Paris-Saclay), after a few years of collaboration in R&D with manufacturers, joined a computer manufacturer and worked in various industrial functions (quality, supply chain, etc.), expanding his scope to the EMEA zone. He continued his career with one of the world's leading automation companies, finally managing the group's Business unit (B.U).

This European group with 2,500 employees is one of the leaders in the transformation of precious metals and electronics. The group’s largest site is based in France and is dedicated to large-scale, high value-added production.

Its markets are developing rapidly worldwide. However, the group is not sufficiently advanced in the field of large-scale production.

Client issues

Respond to markets growth of over 8% per year

the group is well positioned thanks to its technical expertise

Acquire a culture of mass production markets

to strengthen technical leadership in mix design and materials properties

Optimize all the BU's functions

by strengthening the link between R&D, Operations, Marketing and sales functions

Transition Manager

Pierre is the general manager of a mass market activity (lightning)

including very high speed production sites

He began his career in operations and industrial management

before moving on to broader general management functions

Within a very large international group

he developed strategies to serve global markets

Content of the mission

Talents & Projets urgently asked me to replace the BU manager who had just left for the competition, without giving his notice.

After a few weeks of integration to understand the specificities of this new and technical activity, I first focus on the efficiency of exchanges between R&D, operations and customer-facing teams

With my background in operations, I work with industrial teams to implement best practices for mass market.

At the end of my 15-month mission, I was recruited by the group on a permanent basis.