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mission de management de transition : Participate in the setting up of a very large mining project



Of Swedish and British origin, Hokan settled in France for family reasons: he is a true European who has worked in Asia, North and South America... He is also a true professional of the purchasing & supply function working in sectors where these functions are totally strategic. He is a calm, diplomatic man who leads with determination the projects he is entrusted with

A global player in the mining sector, leader in its field, plans to develop a new mining project in an Asian country. This very large project (over $5 billion) includes the construction of infrastructure (port, buildings, roads) and two major industrial sites.

The feasibility of the project depends in particular on the ability to select the best partners and suppliers in these fields.

Client issues

Evaluate the costs and financial feasibility of the project, more than 60% of the project costs

the means and equipment to be sourced represent the majority of the investments

Identify and select the best partners for this atypical project

beyond technical capabilities, financial strength and sustainability over at least 20 years are key

Create a purchasing function from scratch

Set up a team and methodologies specific to major infrastructure projects

Transition Manager

Hokan, 45 years old, has spent his entire career in large projects

First with major global engineering companies and then with leaders in the nuclear and chemical industries

Purchasing Director on very large infrastructure projects of more than $3 billion

He specialized in this role after starting his career in project management

Completely international, he has worked in more than 9 countries and speaks 4 languages

Fully integrated in a multicultural project team (more than 20 nationalities)

Content of the mission

In the first two months, I try to understand the specificities of this project, atypical by its size and technology, and to delimit the domains to be entrusted to partners.

A sequence of extensive contacts with a number of major suppliers then began to assess their ability to commit to the project.

At the end of this sequence, the team I have put together defines precisely the equipment that will be sourced, its cost, the timeframe for commissioning and the financing conditions.

On the basis of these elements, the project's feasibility study can be completed and submitted for approval to the project's major financial partners.