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mission de management de transition : Manage the transformation project of the group’s purchasing function



Alain's reputation is not only linked to a brilliant career in the automotive industry but also to his ability to "move the lines". As Director of Purchasing for one of Europe's leading equipment manufacturers, Alain has led large-scale transformation projects: he has used innovative methods and tools, but also leadership skills that have enabled him to get his teams on board for the change.

Present in more than 50 countries, a world leader in high technology, with a strong presence in the aerospace and transportation sectors, wanted to review its entire purchasing organization.

After involving a strategy firm in the study and recommendation phases, the client chose Talents & Projets to pilot the deployment of the transformation plan. We put in place a Purchasing manager alongside the Group CPO.

Client issues

Objective of €1 billion of gains

on all the group's purchases

Professionalization of the function

Increased power and efficiency of the function in relation to Engineering

Transformation of the organization

1100 people in central teams, Global Business Units, countries

Transition Manager

A great leader of the Purchasing function

Alain has worked for major industrial groups

Chief Purchasing Officer

For Valeo, CMA CGM, Alstom, Chantiers de l'Atlantique

Multiple experiences of purchasing organization transformation projects

of purchasing organizations worldwide - recognized for its ability to impact

More than 25 years of experience

in the purchasing function, in demanding sectors: automotive, capital goods, etc.

Content of the mission

I start my mission 10 days after the first exchanges between Talents & Projects and the group

My experience on similar projects allows me to quickly install trust, a structuring element in these strategic transformation projects for the group

I was involved for 18 months. After a project scoping phase, I brought the internal resources on board for the operational phase