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mission de management de transition : Manage the transfer of an industrial site from the USA to Asia



Stephen, a native of Winnipeg (Canada), trained in the U.S. and joined a leading automotive company where he led numerous industrial organization projects working in the Americas/Asia. He then joined a rail group as EMEA supply chain manager. Today, he is working in the aeronautics industry on international transformation operations.

An aeronautics company, specialized and leader in its sector, plans to transfer an industrial site from the USA to Asia.

Beyond the transfer of production resources, it is the support and rerouting of the supply chain (a hundred or so local suppliers) that make the operation difficult.

Client issues

Transfer the industrial resources and close the site in the USA

the employees are reclassified for the most part on other American sites

Reorganize flows and the supply chain for the Asian site - 80 suppliers involved

particularly complex given the number of purely local suppliers

Preserve continuity and quality of service for major clients

the operation must have no impact on the group's markets

Transition Manager

Stephen is an industrial director who has managed several site transfers

on multi-site, regional (continents) or global scale

A solid international experience in demanding sectors

He has spent most of his career in the automotive and aeronautics industries

Experienced in project management and multicultural teams

speaks 4 languages and has lived in 6 countries

Content of the mission

Initially, based in the USA, I focus on the analysis of the upstream supply chain and the capacities of each supplier. I also work with the site manager to reclassify the local teams.

I then plan the selection and transfer of some of the industrial resources, I identify the new investments to be made on the new site. A new layout is defined for the target site.

Since most U.S. suppliers only have local capabilities, the first step is to help them reroute their deliveries to the Asian site.

Suppliers are gradually being replaced by local sources while maintaining continuity and quality of service. The transfer is completed in 18 months.