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mission de management de transition : Dissolve the joint-venture of 2 pharmaceutical players

Otto, Ulrike, Gabriel, Agneta, Nolhan et Akke

Otto, Ulrike, Gabriel, Agneta, Nolhan et Akke

A team of financial directors from large European groups (Chemicals, Food, Pharmaceuticals) or from US groups well established in Europe (Pharmaceuticals) are put in place: all have a double competence: CFO country or large industrial sites + Project Management. Otto, CFO having led many projects (ERP, organization optimization, practices evolution) will be in charge of the supervision of the recruited PMOs.

Two global pharmaceutical leaders want to dissolve a vaccine distribution JV they had set up to serve the European markets. They want to become competitors again in this high-growth segment.

As soon as the upcoming dissolution was announced, several executives in key functions left the organization, leaving the finance function in particular exposed. Several countries are affected: Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands.

Client issues

Replacing operational managers (CFO) in key positions in several countries

while the actual dissolution will only be completed in 9 months

Prepare the dissolution of this JV of +1Mrd€ of revenue

in particular, we need to plan the distribution of assets and teams

Carry out this strategic operation without a hitch

while ensuring the operational continuity of the activities

Transition Manager

5 "generalist" finance directors who are immediately operational

to take over the management of the finance functions and teams in each country

Preferably "local" and adapted to the size of each activity

Immediately aware of the administrative and fiscal specificities of each country

Experienced in the management of change and business transformation projects

carve-out, creation or dissolution of legal entities, M&A

Content of the mission

Our client asked us to replace the CFO in Germany (1st market of the JV) and in Switzerland.

In the space of 10 days, the 2 missions were carried out by 2 experienced "local" financial managers.

In the weeks that followed, the scenario was repeated in Sweden, but also in Ireland and the Netherlands. In each case, we put in place local CFOs with experience in comparable areas.

A few months before the closing of the transaction, the group also asked us to put in place PMO consultants to manage the legal and financial processes.