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mission de management de transition : Turnaround a B-to-B service agency in the industry



Chantal (HEC) joined a public company where she developed three major skills in the optimization of structures: the implementation of rigorous management, political sense, and mastery of human and social relations. She has proven herself in the management and recovery of structures by evolving in consulting and operations in highly competitive B to B sectors.

An agency of a very large diversified services group, with an organization in regions and agencies, is experiencing an acute crisis: bad social climate; KPI at half-mast; loss of major clients; ethical problems…

The young branch manager put in place by the group is put in check by this unbreathable environment. In order to preserve her, the group wishes to assist her with a seasoned manager.

Client issues

Preserving the existing manager

who joined the group in an extremely difficult position

Re-establish a "normal" functioning of the agency

resolve ethical and unprofessional practice issues, restore fundamentals

Regain lost market share

40% drop in turnover over the last 5 years

Transition Manager

Chantal, 40 years of experience in the field as a regional manager

in business services, particularly in the industrial sector

Experienced in the management of B to B service teams

she has intervened on numerous occasions to turn around agencies in difficulty

A recognized know-how in efficiency management

objectives, control procedures, customer service quality, KPI, crisis management

Content of the mission

I was immediately delegated within the agency, as the right-hand woman of the director in place. My undeniable experience in the business immediately made me legitimate.

From the beginning of my mission, I am the operational interface between the agency's management and the teams.

In a very operational and detailed way, I progressively put back in place a normal functioning of the projects and the management. The most acute dysfunctions are treated.

The mission is still ongoing, but a calmer climate is now in place. At the end of the mission, the incumbent should be able to fully assume the leadership role of the agency.