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mission de management de transition : Transmit the technical knowledge of the group, knowledge management



Bernard was one of the pioneers of the competency approach initiated by the UIMM. Operational within a very large French aeronautical group, he became passionate about these approaches and then trained in knowledge management to join an international industrial equipment group as a KM manager. Today, he provides operational missions and training in KM.

Group of 190,000 people, present in more than 50 countries, leader in metallurgy. The know-how of key technicians and operators in the production processes is threatened due to the retirement of some of these experts.

This knowledge, which is neither formalized nor documented, must be preserved and transmitted within the company to ensure the continuity of its technical expertise.

Client issues

Maintain the technical leadership of the group

which is held in particular by "knowers" in the field

Identify key knowledge

and transcribe them effectively via mind-map type diagrams

Implement knowledge sharing and continuous improvement

and practices of continuous improvement of knowledge capitalization

Transition Manager

Recognized expert in knowledge management for over 15 years

has set up an approach and advanced tools on the subject

Specialist in the capitalization of knowledge in the industry

especially in industries where operators have individual know-how

Particularly effective in the dialogue and identification of undocumented knowledge

then in their retransmission via mind-mapping tools

Content of the mission

A first step, of discovery and impregnation, consists in identifying the key "knowers" whose expertise risks disappearing because of departure.

The main "knowers" are identified at key stages of the production process. I then undertake with each of them the process of knowledge extraction and a mind-maps creation.

Throughout my mission, I lead and animate a steering committee to define and perpetuate the Knowledge Management policy at group level.