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mission de management de transition : Review the footprint and industrial organization of the group



Catalan of origin, Thierry has above all an international profile: Director of factories at the beginning of his career, he then takes a project of transfer of activity in South East Asia for the BU of an automotive group. Evolving in this sector, he developed a competence of Industrial Management. Today, he is regularly consulted for his project management skills in complex social contexts.

ETI, leader in its sector (700 M€ of sales revenue), group specialized in specialty materials, present in 35 countries with 50 industrial sites in the world wishes to optimize and concentrate its industrial device at the world level.

Client issues

Optimizing the group's entire industrial system

more than 20 sites whose efficiency is in question

Reduce and optimize production costs

to regain competitiveness in the face of competition

Establish a culture of operational excellence

in a group with a strong technical heritage

Transition Manager

Industrial manager with more than 25 years of experience

in demanding environments, particularly the automotive sector

A complete career in the business from operations

to the industrial management of large groups

Proven experience in industrial transfers

led several footprint review and capacity transfer projects

Content of the mission

I intervene very quickly during a first diagnostic phase and propose optimization scenarios.

In parallel, I am in charge of transferring the load of sites whose closure has already been decided (France, Germany, Italy).

In 18 months, the industrial system is largely optimized (from 50 to 42 sites), the team is now able to carry out the rest of the project.