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mission de management de transition : Take control of an industrial site in difficulty



Michel, in terms of professional culture and management, is a pure product of the metallurgy and mechanical industry: a sense of results, pragmatism, respect for people and know-how, and a focus on industrial performance. Because he has evolved in markets undergoing rapid transformation, he masters all the dimensions of management: he is appreciated for his rigor and his respect for commitments

A major automotive supplier, with several hundred sites around the world, encountered multiple difficulties on one of its sites: productivity, quality, social climate, rapid turnover of managers on the site.

Short of solutions, the group called upon Talents & Projets to take control of the site through a manager experienced in this type of situation.

Client issues

Restore the site's industrial performance

on all the main levers: productivity, costs, deadlines

To regain acceptable levels of customer satisfaction

product and service quality, safeguarding current production

Reinstate a "normal" social climate

hand over the keys of a peaceful site to a new site manager

Transition Manager

A seasoned site manager with diverse experience

Nearly 40 years of experience working with dozens of sites around the world

Has regularly intervened in complicated contexts

turnaround, restructuring, reorganization of teams

Expert in restoring social dialogue

while guaranteeing a return to operational performance

Content of the mission

From the very first days, I set about getting the teams back on site.

I am mobilizing all the site's departments with a common goal: to initiate the turnaround and put a culture of operational excellence back at the heart of the plant.

The first "quick wins" make it possible to start a new dynamic and then to launch detailed work to improve the performance of the main functions: production, logistics, quality, design office.

This site, which has been a real concern for the group for many years, is back in the group's system.