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mission de management de transition : Manage the asset management of a large insurance group



Xavier is a "humanist financier": in his spare time, he manages humanitarian projects within an association supporting entrepreneurship in developing countries. Professionally, Xavier is a great expert in asset management operating within international groups in marketing and sales functions. He has led numerous projects at EMEA level to transform distribution channels.

A major French player (over 10,000 people) in financial services and asset management called on us to take over its wealth management business.

This activity has seen more than four directors in less than two years. The department had been without a manager for several months and was experiencing internal and market difficulties

Client issue

Take control of the management of the Asset Management activity

after several unsuccessful managerial experiences

Re-establish effective "fundamentals”

that have drifted over time and benchmark effectively

Re-establish a new team spirit and a customer-oriented dynamic

redevelop the commercial activity and the market presence

Transition Manager

Xavier is a real manager, used to "getting on board" sales teams

His ability to adapt and his empathy are particularly well suited to the group's culture

He is also an expert in wealth management

who has been trained by a leader and referent in the field

He is also selected for eventual recruitment

the group's objective is also to put an end to managerial instability, beyond the emergency transition

Content of the mission

This mission corresponds to me perfectly given my knowledge of the business and my managerial practice based on listening and support.

I immediately wanted to make myself available to the team, and I accompanied them, each in their region, on customer meetings, while setting up scheduled meetings for the entire team.

I focused on providing individualized managerial solutions; I also had to deal with some problematic cases.

At the end of a 12-month mission, a calm climate has been restored and the activity has been repositioned towards growth. The group is considering recruiting me.