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mission de management de transition : Lead and transform a back office department in the insurance industry



Ana, an ex-German basketball champion, is pragmatic and reactive. She moved to France and started her career in the high tech industry where she managed sales and service teams before moving to the financial sector. She has developed three main skills: team leadership, organization of customer-oriented processes and project management.

A subsidiary specialized in asset management of a world leader in insurance, wished to manage one of its back office centers in a context of managerial instability and uncertainty: loss of important clients, planned merger with another center.

Before calling upon Talents & Projets, several successive managers had taken turns without calming the climate within the center.

Client issues

Regain control of the management of the site

in a context of uncertainties and questioning

Adapt the site's operations to the new situation

Resolve the operational problems that led to the loss of customers

Prepare the future of the center within the subsidiary's global system

study with the subsidiary's management the main options that could be considered

Transition Manager

Dual expertise in customer relations and back office management

in competitive sectors: telecommunications, retail banking

Chosen for her natural leadership

in service center improvement and transformation projects

Proven competences in the optimization of data processing

Administration, digitization and data security

Mission Management

A few days after the subsidiary's request, I am on the spot to ensure the daily management of the site. I get the measure of the shortcomings and problems in the operation of the center.

Over the following weeks and months (10 months of mission), I focused on improving the efficiency of processing (quality, speed, security) and on adjusting the size of the teams to the new economic situation.

In collaboration with the subsidiary's management, I am investigating several scenarios for its future development. Ultimately, this service center will merge with a larger center in the provinces.