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mission de management de transition : Define and manage a employment protection plan for a division of 20,000 people



Marie-France passed the bar and specialized in social law, joining one of the leading social law firms and staying there for about ten years. She joined an international temporary employment group as Director of social Relations and then moved on to HR Director management positions in B to B services. Today, she provides expertise missions to companies and professional federations.

The French subsidiary of a leading group in the business services sector, with more than 20,000 employees, wanted to strengthen its skills in labor relations in order to manage a job protection plan.

The general management and the human resources department of this entity had never had to carry out a major employment protection plan to date.

Client issues

Adapting the organization to an unforeseen and major crisis situation

a drop in activity of nearly 30% affecting the main economic sectors

Bring an expertise that the team lacked

the subsidiary had previously focused on internal development and by acquisition

Manage the project while preserving the operation of the business

Carry out all the project's milestones while preserving the social climate

Transition Manager

Specialist in labor relations

a lawyer by background, Marie-France began her career in a law firm

Proven experience in difficult and demanding sectors

for more than 15 years, she took over the management of social relations in the metallurgy and services sectors

Experienced in managing plans of this scale

during her career and missions, she has managed 4 employment protection plan of equivalent size

Content of the mission

As soon as I arrived and in consultation with the subsidiary's management, I took charge of all aspects of the study and analysis of the employment protection plan (book 2).

I then intervene in all the discussions and negotiations with the organizations representing the personnel and the administration (DIRECCTE).

By taking care of all the technical aspects of the employment protection plan, I allow the HR director to concentrate on maintaining the smooth running of the organization despite the drop in activity.