Dissolve the joint-venture of 2 pharmaceutical players

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie de process

Two global pharmaceutical leaders want to dissolve a vaccine distribution JV they had set up to serve the European markets. They want to become competitors again in this high-growth segment. As soon as the upcoming dissolution was announced, several executives in key functions left the organization, leaving the finance function in particular exposed. Several countries … Lire la suite

Manage the supply chain of the main site of a leading pharmaceutical company

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie de process

In the context of a mobility policy for its senior executives, this pharmaceutical group present in 160 countries had to urgently replace the Supply Chain Director of its main site (1,200 people, 200,000 million boxes per year). The situation also required the transformation and optimization of the function on this essential site. The group contacted … Lire la suite

Manage the asset management of a large insurance group

Management de transition secteur de la finance

A major French player (over 10,000 people) in financial services and asset management called on us to take over its wealth management business. This activity has seen more than four directors in less than two years. The department had been without a manager for several months and was experiencing internal and market difficulties Client issue … Lire la suite

Lead and transform a back office department in the insurance industry

Management de transition secteur de la finance

A subsidiary specialized in asset management of a world leader in insurance, wished to manage one of its back office centers in a context of managerial instability and uncertainty: loss of important clients, planned merger with another center. Before calling upon Talents & Projets, several successive managers had taken turns without calming the climate within … Lire la suite

Develop the activity of a leader in electronics

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie

This European group with 2,500 employees is one of the leaders in the transformation of precious metals and electronics. The group’s largest site is based in France and is dedicated to large-scale, high value-added production. Its markets are developing rapidly worldwide. However, the group is not sufficiently advanced in the field of large-scale production. Client … Lire la suite

Deploy the new digital concept of a telecom operator’s stores

Management de transition secteur des services

A leader in mobile telephony and the Internet wanted to reposition its network of stores (nearly 1,000) by digitizing the entire customer experience (information, subscription, payment, after-sales service) in the store. This complete renovation requires a perfect and very tight planning in order not to penalize the commercial activity of the stores. The group asked … Lire la suite

Deploy the Group’s HR transformation project in France

Management de transition secteur des services

A very large global group, leader in the food industry, has undertaken a transformation of all its support functions, including human resources. In France, with diversified and relatively independent activities, the group wanted to implement its global project and harmonize HR practices. It called on Talents & Projets to manage the transformation of the two … Lire la suite

Define and manage a employment protection plan for a division of 20,000 people

Management de transition secteur des services

The French subsidiary of a leading group in the business services sector, with more than 20,000 employees, wanted to strengthen its skills in labor relations in order to manage a job protection plan. The general management and the human resources department of this entity had never had to carry out a major employment protection plan … Lire la suite

Create an IT support service center

Management de transition Technologies

A major international telecom group wanted to create an IT support services center for the entire group, both its employees and its network of proprietary and franchised stores. The aim is to pool support services that were previously fragmented between different regions and departments. The service center will be the single point of entry and … Lire la suite

Lead the industrialization of a major renewable energy project

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie

Our client, the world leader in energy, win several majors contracts in the field of offshore wind energy. The production of the world’s most powerful wind turbines must be industrialized on the basis of existing prototypes. A race against the clock is underway to meet all these major contracts while drastically reducing costs and manufacturing … Lire la suite