Take control of an industrial site in difficulty

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie

A major automotive supplier, with several hundred sites around the world, encountered multiple difficulties on one of its sites: productivity, quality, social climate, rapid turnover of managers on the site. Short of solutions, the group called upon Talents & Projets to take control of the site through a manager experienced in this type of situation. … Lire la suite

Transmit the technical knowledge of the group, knowledge management

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie

Group of 190,000 people, present in more than 50 countries, leader in metallurgy. The know-how of key technicians and operators in the production processes is threatened due to the retirement of some of these experts. This knowledge, which is neither formalized nor documented, must be preserved and transmitted within the company to ensure the continuity … Lire la suite

Secure and perpetuate a Seveso site in an urban environment

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie de process

A medium-sized group, leader in its specialty sector (chemicals), present in 25 countries with 30 industrial sites, was forced to urgently review the control of industrial risks following a critical incident. This historic site of the group, now surrounded by houses and schools, is threatened with closure by the administration (DRIRE). Client issues Secure the … Lire la suite

Review the footprint and industrial organization of the group

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie

ETI, leader in its sector (700 M€ of sales revenue), group specialized in specialty materials, present in 35 countries with 50 industrial sites in the world wishes to optimize and concentrate its industrial device at the world level. Client issues Optimizing the group’s entire industrial system more than 20 sites whose efficiency is in question … Lire la suite

Turnaround a B-to-B service agency in the industry

Management de transition secteur des services

An agency of a very large diversified services group, with an organization in regions and agencies, is experiencing an acute crisis: bad social climate; KPI at half-mast; loss of major clients; ethical problems… The young branch manager put in place by the group is put in check by this unbreathable environment. In order to preserve … Lire la suite

Prepare the sale of a division of a chemical company

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie de process

A leading chemical group (€5 billion) wanted to sell one of its three divisions (€1.5 billion in turnover) which was no longer competitive in commodity markets. The group, built on a highly centralized model, must first carry out an extensive carve-out of this activity in order to make it autonomous. This concerns in particular the … Lire la suite

Manage the transfer of an industrial site from the USA to Asia

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie

An aeronautics company, specialized and leader in its sector, plans to transfer an industrial site from the USA to Asia. Beyond the transfer of production resources, it is the support and rerouting of the supply chain (a hundred or so local suppliers) that make the operation difficult. Client issues Transfer the industrial resources and close … Lire la suite

Manage the transformation project of the group’s purchasing function

Management de transition Technologies

Present in more than 50 countries, a world leader in high technology, with a strong presence in the aerospace and transportation sectors, wanted to review its entire purchasing organization. After involving a strategy firm in the study and recommendation phases, the client chose Talents & Projets to pilot the deployment of the transformation plan. We … Lire la suite

Participate in the setting up of a very large mining project

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie

A global player in the mining sector, leader in its field, plans to develop a new mining project in an Asian country. This very large project (over $5 billion) includes the construction of infrastructure (port, buildings, roads) and two major industrial sites. The feasibility of the project depends in particular on the ability to select … Lire la suite

Hive down a 350-person center of expertise from a major technology group

Management de transition secteur de l'industrie de process

As part of a plan to restructure its activities before merging with another leader in its market, our client plans to close certain sites. It also wishes to spin off expertise activities that were previously cost centers, and in particular, one of its 350-person R&D and prototyping centers, which is to “stand on its own … Lire la suite